Our Vision

Democracy and Equality

In a school for the students, the school is run by the students. Every student and staff member is treated equally and honorably and receive one vote each at the Student Meeting, which is the body that governs the school. Here students will make, change, and remove rules, make decisions about how the school is run, such as budget and maintenance, and propose classes and field trips.

Safety, Compassion, Kindness, and Community

The second body of the school is the Judicial Committee. Whenever possible, students are encouraged to work out problems on their own, but when help is needed, the JC is where conflicts will be resolved through nonviolent communication and restorative justice techniques.

Respect, Exploration, Freedom, and Creativity

At Jefferson Sudbury School, there are no traditional classrooms. Students are free to intermingle with students and staff of all ages. The values of learning through play and self-directed education are highly respected, and the role of staff is to facilitate field trips, classes, acquisition of resources, and apprenticeships that the students request.