Choosing to send your child to a Sudbury School is a very big decision, and we want you to be knowledgeable and comfortable with the philosophy and structure for the success of your child. Having the faith and trust in your child to direct his own learning and run her own school is no small matter. Accepting that your child may choose to play, hang out with friends, or be bored all day is a huge step for many parents (and students!). Here are some resources to learn more about play-based learning, Sudbury Schools, and childhood educational freedom.

Free to Learn by Peter Gray

In this invaluable book by developmental psychologist Peter Gray, the reader learns about the history of the modern school system, the importance of play as a learning tool, how the decline of play in modern children is affecting them psychologically, mentally, and physically, and different methods of education that are healthier for children. The Sudbury method is discussed at length, and Dr. Gray gives an excellent description of how it works for children.

Free at Last (Daniel Greenberg), Reflections on the Sudbury School Concept (Daniel Greenberg), Turning Learning Right Side Up (Daniel Greenberg and Russell Ackoff)

These books are great resources on how Sudbury students learn, how the school works, and on the overall philosophy through engaging stories and anecdotes. They are must-reads if you are considering sending your child to a Sudbury-style school.


These videos by Sudbury Valley an Hudson Valley Sudbury Schools are excellent. Use them as a jumping off point for many more informational videos that they have produced.

Sugata MItra's TED talk about how students teach themselves. I can't recommend this lecture enough. "If children have interest, then education happens".


This article by the Hudson Valley Sudbury School is very thorough. 

"The Sudbury Model of Education"

This article covers what a Sudbury School is and what it isn't.

"Ok, So You're Sort of Like"