Currently in the planning stage, Jefferson Sudbury School will be a non-profit private school for students from kindergarten through high school in Northern Virginia. Jefferson Sudbury School is a democratic school, run by the students and staff through a participatory democracy in the School Meeting and Judicial Committee. Students are free to pursue their own interests, and we highly respect the value of play and conversation. There are no traditional classes, bells, tests, grades, or age-segregation. By trusting students to guide their own education and control their own community, JSS empowers them with building the skills and responsibility they will use throughout their lives.

We are still in the start-up stages of the school, and are looking for a location in the Springfield/Lorton/Fairfax Station/Clifton areas of Fairfax County (basically around 7:00 on the beltway if you look at it like a clock). Tuition is also to be determined based on rental, administrative, and staff costs, but most likely in the $8,000-$10,000 range, substantially less than the average private school tuition in the area. 

Be sure to check back frequently as we are continuously updating the website as we grow.